Entry #1

Hi Everyone

2016-01-25 19:24:14 by EnameledKoi

Just want to say thanks for stopping by, and thank you to everyone who has given me actionable feedback on The Mirror, whether the review was positive or negative. It'll all help me make improvements to the next version :)


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2016-01-25 20:06:00

hey i'm new here and i'm just trying out this site :/

EnameledKoi responds:

Welcome! I haven't been here that long myself :)


2016-02-01 21:10:36

really :D


2016-02-21 22:22:27

It was a great play, and good luck with the next installment!


2017-06-19 20:52:05

How did you make the mirror play in full screen? I'm learning twine myself and haven't been able to figure it out :)